Predicting & Filling Head Coach and General Manager Vacancies Across The NFL

Predicting & Filling Head Coach and General Manager Vacancies Across The NFL
New York Giants' current general manager Dave Gettleman. Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

Every year NFL management changes, whether it’s the general manager or the head coach. This year there are plenty of open positions and positions that are thought to be open sooner than later. 

The general manager position is a hire each team cannot mess up because a mistake hire can set back a franchise for a few seasons. A head coach is important for a culture and fundamentals and is as important as the general manager.

Houston Texans

Head Coach: Greg Roman, Ravens Offensive Coordinator.

The Houston Texans have one of the most athletic QBs in the NFL, and they can utilize him to his maximum capacity with Roman in charge. Roman is in Baltimore with Lamar Jackson so translating some of that over to Houston with Deshaun Watson is scary.

General Manager:  Nick Caserio, Patriots Director of Player Per.

The Texans have been trying to get Nick Caserio in the building for a few years now and gave up due to the Patriots tampering charges. Now they get their chance with Bill O’Brien gone, and the Patriots most likely just letting him go now without any charges being pressed.

NFL management changes are due for the Texans who have no draft picks while being one of the worst teams in the NFL. Caserio comes in and gets his chance to shine.

Detroit Lions:

Head Coach: Robert Salah, 49ers Defensive Coordinator.

All the players on that 49ers defense and staff absolutely love what Salah brings to the table. He brings the intensity and fundamentals the Lions desperately need. Plus to pair with Peters would be such a benefit to Salah and the Lions. 

General Manager: Adam Peters, Vice President of Player Per.

Peters is known as a great scout and has been under John Lynch’s staff in the past. Peters and Salah both coming from the 49ers could give a solid relationship in the building and give the Lions a jumpstart to their rebuild.

Atlanta Falcons:

Head Coach: Eric Bieniemy, Chiefs Offensive Coordinator.

There is absolutely no reason this man shouldn’t be number 1 on every team’s board that is looking for a head coach. An offensive genius is exactly what the Falcons could be looking for.

General Manager: Louis Riddick, ESPN Analyst.

He has been in the mix for a GM spot for many years now and I think he’ll fit perfectly with Eric Bieniemy’s mindset. Riddick has been getting interviews so far this year and is definitely a solid option for any team. 

Jacksonville Jaguars:

General Manager: Mike Borgonzi, Chiefs Director of Player Per.

There is not a better option than Borgonzi for the Jacksonville team. They have some bright young pieces while also set to get Trevor Lawrence. He can build a solid team around Lawrence and end the laughing stock theme in Jacksonville.

Carolina Panthers:

General Manager: Ed Dodds, Colts Assistant General Manager.

The best talent evaluator, according to Matt Miller from Bleacher Report. He has one of the brightest minds in football and to pair him with a genius like Rhule that could make a dynamic duo in that Carolina building.


New York Jets (Current): Adam Gase

Replacement: Arthur Smith (Titans) 

Jaguars (Current): Doug Marrone 

Replacement: Urban Meyer (Retired)

Chargers (Current): Anthony Lynn 

Replacement: Brian Daboll (Bills)

Giants (Current) : Dave Gettleman 

Replacement: Monti Ossenfort (Titans)

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Mason shehadi
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Think Eberflues stays with indy?