Top 5 SuperBowl Candidates In The 2020-2021 NFL Playoffs

Aaron Rodgers said he poured four fingers of tequila to help digest the news that the Packers drafted a quarterback in April. His on-field response has been nine touchdowns, 887 passing yards and a 3-0 record.Credit...Tyler Kaufman/Associated Press

After the 2019-2020 Superbowl, the 2020-2021 NFL season began to be anticipated. Well, now finished with the regular season, it has been an unforgettable one.  Whether it has been from no pre-season, Covid-19, or injuries, it’s been one to never forget.

Another part of this reason has been due to the outstanding performances season long by some teams. These are the teams who made the playoffs and are looking to take home the Lombardi Trophy. Let’s take a look at the top 5 Super Bowl candidates heading into Wild Card Weekend.

#5 Tennesee Titans

Last year in the 2019-2020 NFL Playoffs, the Tennesee Titans entered as an underlooked, #6 seed team.  Then, they shocked the world.  First, they knocked off Tom Brady in the wildcard. Then, going against the 14-2, #1 seeded Ravens team, the Titans were expected to get blown out. Then, they blew them out. The Titans made it all the way to the AFC Championship led by Ryan Tannehill, and Derrick Henry.

Coming into the season, the Titans were beginning to get some hype. Many analysts viewed them as just a one-hit-wonder, and some saw them as contenders. Well, they have been proving doubters wrong.  The Titans have been great.

Led by Ryan Tannehill, the Titans rank #4 in points scored per game in the NFL. The Titans also have the most dominant offensive piece in the NFL in Derrick Henry. Henry is this year’s rushing leader, topping 2,000 yards rushing in week 17. With the offense looking sharp, and the history of winning in the playoffs, the Titans can shock the world again and make a deep run into the playoffs.

#4 Superbowl Candidate- Buffalo Bills

In last year’s Wildcard game, Josh Allen and the Bills fell short of making it to the Divisional Round.  After an overtime loss to Deshaun Watson and the Texans, Allen was ready to get back on the field and come with vengeance. Now, Allen and the Bills are AFC East Champions and the #2 seed.

Finishing the season at 13-3, the Bills are ready for the playoffs.  There have been many reasons that have proved why the Bills are contenders for the Super Bowl.  One reason is Josh Allen.  The young, superstar talent is having a career year.  Week after week, Allen never fails to put on a show and part of this is due to the other reason.  Stefon Diggs.  After demanding a trade from the Vikings, Diggs has found a home in Buffalo and is now a top wide receiver this season. Due to the connection between the two, Diggs leads the NFL with receptions. Not to mention this offense ranks #2 in the league in points per game.

It would not be a surprise if Allen and the Bills come out of the AFC and compete for a championship.

#3 Superbowl candidate-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Well, no shocker that he’s back in the playoffs. The greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady. After spending his entire career in New England and winning many super bowls and playoff games, it was time for Tom Brady’s career to proceed elsewhere.  Brady found a new home in Tampa Bay and agreed to play for the Buccaneers.  They were the most attractive to Brady, having an elite coach In Bruce Arians, and two top tier receivers in Chris Godwin and Mike Evans.

Then, Brady got another target. Old teammate Rob Gronkowski came out of retirement to come to play for Brady.  The season started as expected. The Buccaneers were having some trouble and began to heat up.  The defense became elite, and Brady began to develop his connections. Then, Brady got another target. Antonio Brown joined the Buccaneers a year after getting cut from New England, due to legal issues. They looked ready to compete with any team and that’s what happened. The Buccaneers began to win game after game.

The offense is looking lethal right now and they look ready to compete for a Superbowl behind possibly the best playoff quarterback in NFL history. The Buccaneers are for real.

#2 Superbowl Candidate- Green Bay Packers

After the Packers selected Jordan Love in the NFL draft, many analysts believed Aaron Rodgers would take this personally and struggle due to the pressure. Well, Rodgers has definitely shut his haters up.

The Packers are 13-3, and the #1 seed in the NFC. Rodgers is having an amazing year. Currently, 7th in passing yards this season, and leads the NFL in passing touchdown.  Rodgers has the offense working at an elite level. He has been able to form an elite connection with star Davante Adams, and they simply look unstoppable. Rodgers has now emerged as the NFL MVP favorite, as he should be.

Unlike most teams, the Packers aren’t all offense.  They have serious talent on the defensive side of the ball which includes star cornerback Jaire Alexander. With both sides of the ball playing well, and Rodgers having an MVP year, the Packers could be champions.

#1 Kansas City Chiefs

Back in the playoffs again, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are looking to go back-to-back. In last year’s NFL Playoffs, the Chiefs showed flashes or poor play. Well, despite being the #1 seed, the Chiefs have looked extremely vulnerable these past few weeks.

Despite winning the final games, there were times where the Chiefs may have given up the bye.  Despite this, the Chiefs are still the most dangerous team in the NFL. Led by the best quarterback in the league, the Chiefs have the ability to beat you at any part of the game. They have been amazing all year. Beating teams such as the Ravens, Buccaneers, and the Saints, the Chiefs have proven that they are still the team to beat.

The defense has been having a great season as well. They rank 16th in the league in opponent yards per game, a big step up from last year.

With the defense improving drastically, and the offense still the elite unit it is, the Chiefs are still the team with the best chances to win the Superbowl, and go back-to-back.

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