ARKTYC: The Graphic Designer Who Is Changing The Culture

ARKTYC: The Graphic Designer Who Is Changing The Culture

Reuven Fishkin, the 17-year-old graphic designer who created “ARKTYC” in June 2020, is looking to create a culture for upcoming hockey players. Fishkin created ARKTYC amid the COVID-19 pandemic when he was looking to put his skill to use. Fishkin’s first client was Michigan Captain Jack Becker, and he now represents over 300 clients. Some of his clients include NHL player Jeff Petry, and Rangers prospect, Hunter Skinner, who won gold in the IIHF World Juniors. 

When asked about his idea for his company, Fishkin stated “No longer do you have to wait for the ‘right time’ or to become ‘big enough’ to start promoting yourself, with ARKTYC, the time is now and it has never been easier.” The company gives players their own unique logo. After that, the player can create their own store to sell merchandise. Additionally, ARKTYC allows players to create their own identity in the professional hockey world. 

ARKTYC athletes are able to promote their brand after a unique logo is personally made for them by Fishkin. The company is transforming the way athletes represent themselves, by giving them the opportunity to create their own brand. Fishkin assists young athletes in working to create their own brand. 

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