2020-2021 NFL Divisional Round Predictions

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This weekend, the NFL Divisional round will be taking place. After a thrilling Wild Card weekend where games left fans in shock due to elite performances by teams and players, fans around the world are excited about the divisional matchups. Some amazing games will be played like Chiefs vs Browns, Bills vs Ravens, Packers vs Rams, and Buccaneers vs Saints. Let’s take a look at these games.  

Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are reigning Super Bowl champions. Last year, they put on quite an impressive run in the playoffs and went on to win the Superbowl. They came back in every single playoff game.

Well, last weekend the Browns had their first playoff appearance since 2002. In a game where many people thought the Steelers would win, the Browns practically dominated and won 48-37.

This Sunday, the Chiefs will play the Browns in their home den, in Kansas City. Back in college when Patrick Mahomes played Baker Mayfield, the teams combined for a total of 125 points in which was a shootout between Mahomes and Mayfield. 

The Chiefs have been struggling against the run all year as the Browns have the most deadly one-two punch in the league with Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb.  The Chiefs on the other hand are the best passing offense in the league with deadly weapons such as the speedy Tyreek Hill, and the big tight end Travis Kelce.

Overall, I think this should be a good one. I think the Browns made a good run making it to the Divisional Round, but that the Kansas City offense will be too much for the Browns to handle defensively.

Final Prediction:

Chiefs 34

Browns 21

Baltimore Ravens @ Buffalo Bills

The Bills who hadn’t won a playoff game since 1995, and Lamar Jackson who had never won a playoff game in his career.  Well, both of these runs ended last weekend. The Bills defeated the Colts, and the Ravens defeated the Titans. 

Now, the teams will square off this Saturday. A great matchup with MVP caliber quarterbacks. Josh Allen, an MVP candidate this year, and Lamar Jackson, last year’s MVP winner. Josh Allen and the Bills are having an incredible year.  In a season where they finished 13-3, Allen performed at an elite level, showing skills and abilities he has never displayed before. His MVP caliber season was on full display on Saturday as he totaled three touchdowns to advance the Bills. 

Lamar Jackson has also been playing amazing. After starting the season slowly, Jackson has turned it up the second half of the season and is playing at a top-level.

Saturday should be a good matchup for both squads. Two elite offenses, that I think will both show up. I think it will be a back and forth showing, with lead changes occurring throughout the game. Even though the Ravens have a much better defense, I think the Bills will escape with this one as the offense has just been way too dominant for the Ravens to match. 

Final Score:

Ravens 24

Bills 27

Los Angeles Rams @ Green Bay Packers

Ever since the loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl, the Rams have not been the same team.  Back then, their best part of the team was star running back, Todd Gurley. 

Well, the Rams are back in the divisional round and this time it is not all due to their running back this time.  It is their defense.  All season their defense has been outstanding. Last week in the wildcard, the Rams faced the Seahawks. They put the clamps on Russell Wilson, who completed only 11 passes for under 200 yards. The offense played well. Goff has been dealing with an injured thumb, but the rookie back Cam Akers had a great game and took on a huge load in the backfield.

This weekend the Rams defense will have a really tough matchup against the Packers. The game will be in Green Bay, and it will be a cold one. Not the ideal weather for the Los Angeles team.

The Packers are the #1 seed. Having an amazing year, the Packers’ offense ranks first in points per game, led by a front runner for MVP Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers has been able to form an elite connection with the league’s best receivers Davante Adams.  Adams is competing against the best corner in the league in Jalen Ramsey, and it should be a great battle.

The game should be close for the first half of the game, but I think the Packers will run away with it.  The Packer’s offense is way too dominant for the Rams to match and I don’t think the Rams can score enough and keep up. 

Final Score

Rams 17

Packers 28

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints

After both the Buccaneers and Saints won last week, they are set to face in the Divisional round. This matchup will be the battle of the elderly. Drew Brees who is 41, and Tom Brady who is 43, are two of the oldest quarterbacks in the league. But, this doesn’t mean they still can’t compete. 

The teams have already met twice this year. They played in Week one, where the Buccaneers looked outmatched in their first game, and once in Week nine, where the Saints crushed them, winning 38-3. 

Well, Week 1 was the team’s first game, and after a slow start, the team has really found a rhythm after singing Antonio Brown. The team has won five straight games, and the offense is playing at a fast pace and embarrassing defenses. 

The Saints have also been playing great football. In the WIldcard round, they only allowed nine total points to the Bears, and the week before, only seven to the Panthers.

The Buccaneers are a much better team than these two, but it shows that the defense has the ability to show up and get stops. The teams are set to face off in New Orleans on Sunday, and it should be a great divisional battle.

This season is expected to be Drew Brees’ last season, so this could be his final game and I think it will be.  The game will be a close game, with both defenses and offenses showing up and making plays, But I think it will be too tough for the Saints to stay with the amazing offense that playoff Brady is leading right now. 

Final Score: 

Buccaneers 31

Saints 23


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