Should High School Athletes Go Straight To The NBA?

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There remains to be a question concerning the NBA and the NCAA. Should high school basketball players be able to finish high school, and go straight to the NBA? Although it used to be allowed, the option was taken away.

Players like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Dwight Howard all went straight to the NBA. There are many reasons why young hype high school athletes would want to go straight to the NBA. Most of the young prospects want to secure a paycheck and begin their NBA career as soon as they can.  

Tough Situations

Many of the reasons why high school athletes would want to go straight to the NBA all may go into the thought of going straight if they were allowed to, but the main reason is the paycheck. Some of the league’s top players all grew up in tough situations.

Many grew up without a stable parental relationship, a poor family, or no family at all. So, not all of these players are used to having lots of money on their table. Many are antsy to get their money as soon as they can and fix their living habits and help the rest of their family out.  

NBA Benefits

Another important reason is the playing time and commitment. Good high school basketball players who are excited to enter the league and begin their careers are hoping for good playing time that would result in being an important player to their designated team. 

If one player was a great high school athlete but struggled in the NCAA, this could ruin their draft stock, or take away some of their NBA playing time.  

The Answer

Overall, there are many reasons why one athlete may want to go straight to the NBA, but it is not allowed anymore.  So, there remains the question: Should high school basketball players be allowed to finish three years of high school, and go straight to the NBA? The answer is yes. 

One athlete should be allowed to go straight and secure the benefits they get from it. They should not have to go to college and have a chance at ruining everything if they play poorly. The rule should not be mandatory, as many athletes go to college to boost their draft value.  It should remain an option, and be the kids choice.  


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Leeor Ginzburg
Leeor Ginzburg
2 years ago

great article! very well written!