Will The Addition Of James Harden Worsen The Brooklyn Nets Locker Room ?

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Over the past couple of weeks, there have been major trades that have changed the landscape of the NBA.  The Brooklyn Nets acquired superstar, James Harden to pair him with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. One major question that many people have been asking is will the addition of Harden impact a locker room with other controversial players like Kyrie Irving?

The Answer:

 I think that the locker room in Brooklyn will not be a problem. When a team has many stars that know each other well, as the Nets do, it is easy to work together. I think that once the Nets build the chemistry they will certainly be the Eastern Conference Champions, maybe even NBA Champions. The Brooklyn Nets have also been rumored to have added another piece besides Harden, in center Andre Drummond, who is reportedly waiting for a buyout from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

If the Nets begin to struggle it will not be because of James Harden, and will most likely be because of Kyrie Irving’s antics and selfishness. Through the Nets big three’s first couple of games, Harden has often been the one to take the least shots.  If James Harden accepts this role, then the Nets will build chemistry, but one major question that remains is if Harden is ok with taking fewer shots. If Harden demonstrates his unhappiness, and the Nets were to trade Kyrie, they could acquire players to make their roster more well rounded.  

Trade Option

One trade that would work out for both sides, and make these teams play better together, would be Kyrie Irving and Tyler Johnson for Jrue Holiday, Bryn Forbes, and two first-round picks. From the Milwaukee Bucks perspective, they would finally acquire someone who could take a lot of the load off Giannis Antetokounmpo, while being a great second option. Khris Middleton is a great player, but I feel that Kyrie is a better fit for a second option role, while Middleton would flourish as the third option. This trade also looks good from the Nets perspective, Jrue Holiday is no doubt one of the most underappreciated players in the NBA. Holiday can handle the ball when needed, defend exceptionally well, and score.

This works out perfectly for the Nets, as Harden could now shoot more, while also still being the primary ball-handler. Holiday’s well-rounded game would help the Nets build chemistry quicker and still win the Eastern Conference. James Harden’s locker room presence undoubtedly won’t be a problem for the Nets. If there is one player the Nets would want to keep an eye on it should be Kyrie Irving.

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