Should Immanuel Quickley Have More Time On The Court?

Should The Knicks Give Immanuel Quickley More Playing Time?
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This season it seemed that the talk of New York-based basketball would be the Brooklyn Nets and their big three of James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. Even though the Nets are the favorites in the east the Knicks have become relevant again and are still headlining every New York newspaper.

The Knicks revitalization has started with the hiring of Tom Thibodeau. He has the young Knicks team playing stellar defense while knocking off good teams like the Bucks, Jazz, and Celtics. One other major reason the Knicks are having so much success is the rise of rookie point guard Immanuel Quickley. 

The Rise of Immanuel Quicley 

Coming out of Kentucky, Quickley was a top point guard in college basketball. Despite that, there were still concerns that his talents could not translate to the NBA level. When Immanuel Quickley was selected with the twenty-fifth pick in the NBA draft, it came as a surprise to everyone. Quickley was a solid prospect but no one viewed him as going before at least pick forty.

The Knicks got a steal in Immanuel Quickley who has helped move the ball and create a smooth offense. He has been averaging 12.6 points, 2.8 assists, and 2.4 rebounds. Out of all rookies, Quickley is second in points while playing the fewest time out of anyone in the top five. The real question is why not start Immanuel Quickley and let him thrive in the Knicks offense? 

Should Quickley Have More Playing Time? 

Honestly, I have no idea what Tom Thibodeau has in store for Quickley this season. Quickley has been thriving and deserves the chance to start over veterans like Elfrid Payton. Maybe Thibodeau likes the spark that Quickley provides off the bench.

Immanuel Quickley has come off the bench every game this season and has had games where he scored 31, 25, 25. Quickley has given Knicks fans everywhere excitement whenever he steps on the floor.

Most Knicks fans have not felt this much excitement watching a player since Kristaps Porzingis in 2017-2018. I think that once the Knicks either trade Elfrid Payton or buy him out, it will be Immanuel Quickley’s time in New York.

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