College Football Is Returning To EA Sports

EA Sports College Football game coming back

College Football is returning to EA sports:

This should’ve happened a long time ago, but it’s great to see the return of an all-time game. The last edition came out in 2014 and the reason for the long pause is still unknown. This is a big win for gamers everywhere, adding to the news of “MLB The Show” coming to Xbox.  The release date has yet to be announced, but it will hopefully come during the summer. The game will feature teams’ actual playbooks with over 100 accessible teams. The grueling question remains: when will college athletes be able to profit off of their names?

Cover Athletes

I feel bad for the guys who’ve dominated the last few years but didn’t get a cover appearance, including Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, Joe Burrow, and potentially multiple appearances from Trevor Lawrence.  It will be interesting to see the dynamic of payment from being on the cover. Currently, it doesn’t seem like any players will be able to profit on themselves through the game. Pro athletes get paid thousands of dollars for their Topps card sales, so the cover of a video game should also be compensated.

Will College Football Players Get Paid?

The movement for college athletes to get paid has gained much more traction recently. Some states are overruling the law that makes it illegal for college athletes to be compensated.  An appearance on the cover of an EA sports game that will sell millions of copies should surely be rewarded.  For now, the game announced that rosters won’t have any real players.  This would make the game really hard for gamers to go buy and seems like a huge waste of time to make the game without the actual teams. It was also noted that the game is changing titles from the classic “NCAA Football” to “EA Sports College football.”

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