2021 NFL Pre-Draft Power Rankings

Is Deshaun Watson Going About Leaving Houston Correctly ?
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As the 2020 NFL season came to a close just one short week ago, teams have shifted focus to the draft. For most teams, a rebuild is in the conversation and for others, simple fixes can alter their ranking. what does your favorite NFL team have to improve on before the 2021 NFL season?

32) Jacksonville Jaguars 

The Jaguars are in a complete rebuilding stage. They currently hold the first pick in the NFL draft and are projected to take Clemson Quarterback Trevor Lawrence with that pick. After selecting Urban Meyer as their coach of the future they are looking to change the trajectory of this franchise moving forward.  

31) Houston Texans

The Houston Texans finished the season 4-12. After losing DeAndre Hopkins and dropping out of being a playoff-contending team, many players are following suit. J.J. Watt asked to be released and the team did just that. With speculation of the team also losing superstar quarterback Deshaun Watson, I don’t see the Texans as a threat to any team in this upcoming season. 

30) Detroit Lions 

The Detroit Lions have lost their starting quarterback of the last decade due to free agency and are not in good talks with their superstar wide receiver Kenny Golladay either. If this team doesn’t improve majorly it could result in many hard years to come. They need to draft smart in the NFL draft to improve at all. 

29) Denver Broncos

Although the Broncos are one of the destinations that Deshaun Watson could end up at as of right now Drew Lock does not seem to be the answer to their problems. Jerry Jeudy looked promising this last season and they look forward to having Courtland Sutton back from injury. They currently hold the ninth pick in the NFL Draft and if they look to go towards a quarterback I think that’s their best option. However, their future is hard to predict based on their team right now. 

28) Philadelphia Eagles

This team needs to rebuild. With a laughing stock division last year and almost winning it at 4-11-1, the Eagles need some serious help. Offensively their line battled many injuries throughout the season. If this happens again, you can expect to see the same result. Jalen Hurts looked like a guy they can rely on but need lots of help and depth at that offensive line. 

27) Dallas Cowboys 

Not far behind the Eagles, the Cowboys had the same problems. With a banged-up offense of line and a defense that didn’t play to their full potential, the Cowboys need to have a really good draft. They currently hold the 10th pick in the NFL draft.

With some help in free agency and A good draft, this team is still a couple of key positions short. Their first priority should be bringing Prescott back and then building from there. 

26) Cincinnati Bengals 

The Bengals looked like somewhat of a mediocre team last season. Joe Burrow Definitely seemed to change the culture and atmosphere of that losing team in the AFC North. If he can come back from his injury better than before and the Bengals have a good draft this team definitely has what it takes to put up a fight against whoever they play. 

25) New York Jets

With the recent hiring of head coach Robert Saleh, it finally looks like the Jets may have a bright future ahead of them. Holding the Second pick in the draft the Jets can do many things with it including drafting Zach Wilson and trading Sam Darnold for even more draft compensation. Denzel Mims looked to stand out on that offense towards the end of the season. If the Jets go big on free agency and draft right this team can sit strongly in their respective division. 

24) New York Giants 

Losing Saquon so early to injury really pushed this team out of the playoff race fast. They did not look like a playoff team very early and into most of the season struggled a lot. As time went on and their division struggled their hopes of playoffs grew bigger. The Giants had a real chance but fell short.

In order for them to look like contenders again, they need Barkley back and healthy. Some veterans need to be released and some big names need to step in with the help of the draft as well. This team has real potential but needs to be smart about their next couple of months. 

23) Carolina Panthers 

This team needs to find a quarterback and fast. Whether it’s through the draft or free agency or even a trade something needs to happen. Acquiring Teddy Bridgewater was a short-term fix but the team can’t keep pushing off a change that needs to be made. The Panthers can look to select a quarterback at eighth overall or trade down. Whatever they choose needs to be in regards to a quarterback-based decision. 

22) Chicago Bears

The Bears are also in a quarterback Based decision-making scenario. At the look of it, they don’t have a franchise quarterback on the roster at the moment and currently hold the 20th pick in the draft. Things don’t look too good for them other than their somewhat okay defense. If the Bears acquire a guy like Carson Wentz through trade and build their O-Line, they have a real shot. 

21) Atlanta Falcons 

Yes, Matt Ryan is still under contract and so is Julio Jones, but that does not mean the team isn’t thinking about a rebuild. If the team decides to move on from these two superstars they will fall to the bottom of this list but as of now, their roster is mediocre at the least.

A good defense just couldn’t hold this team together so they will look to Add to that offense and get some more explosive weapons and get out of the slump they are currently in.

20) Washington Football Team

The Football Team just recently signed Taylor Heinicke to a two-year extension after proving himself worthy of it in a Wildcard game vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Although this may not answer all of their problems, offensively, he very may well be the best option they have next season. The defense looks powerful upfront with some needs to their secondary. If the team addresses them correctly, Washington being a sub-par team in 2021 and a good chance at back-to-back division titles. 

19) New England Patriots

Just one year removed from the Brady Era, the Patriots looked as if they fell off a cliff. With a big void to fill at quarterback, they quickly jumped on the Cam Newton train but seemed to fall off at the end of the season. With speculation that Cam will not return next season, Bill Belichick will have to look for a replacement once again. Although they aren’t at the bottom of the pack, they certainly have a ways to go.

18) Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota started the year very rough falling to 1-5 they found their groove winning 6 of their last 10. They finished 7-9 but have a good future with the runner-up for OROTY in Justin Jefferson. If the Vikings can nail down a couple of key players to contracts and Draft a few more reliable Secondary positions this team can finally look to retain its division title after many years

17) Las Vegas Raiders

This team definitely has a ways to go but showed glimpses of promise throughout the season. Henry Ruggs III looked very good at certain points of the season but struggled as well. The raiders are very high on this guy and if they can develop him correctly we could see a Tyreek 2.0. The raiders need help at linebacker and Depth at Wide Receiver. 

16) Los Angeles Chargers 

The Chargers have found their future Franchise quarterback and in all rebuilding teams, that’s the first step. Now comes smart drafting and patience. Building a tough offensive line to keep your quarterback on his feet is first priority but adding some names to the mix through free agency is always an option. Look for this team to be an underdog in this upcoming season. 

15) Arizona Cardinals 

The Cardinals looked as if they had finally found themselves a team after starting 5-2 and positioning themselves for not only a playoff berth but a deep run into it. After all that, they finished 3-6 and lost a heartbreaker to the Rams in the final game to then miss the playoffs. This team is still promising but needs to be coached to finish strong. If this Cardinals team can start off like that again and continue the push they are very dangerous when hot. 

14) Indianapolis Colts

It is so hard to predict any ranking when the future of one of the most, if not the most important role is still not figured out. As of now Jacoby Brissett would step into the spotlight again and take over this powerhouse of a team. If the Colts look to trade for Wentz or Darnold that’s an option they have as well as moving up in the draft. Whatever they do, this team has a promising future. 

13) New Orleans Saints

Like so many others with the roster they have right now, it’s one position that is causing them to fall. With Drew Brees not formally retired yet, the team is looking at what it will be like without him there. All it takes is a veteran guy to step into this wrecking ball of an offense and instill that winning culture but right now. However, that just isn’t in the books for the Saints at the moment.

12) Miami Dolphins

After a few respectable sources confirm that the Dolphins are still high on Tua Tagovailoa to lead their team, they look comfortable but not as comfortable as they’d like. After just missing the playoffs, the Dolphins are going to look to add some firepower to the offense and the best way would be to add weapons at the receiver position. With one of the more dominant defenses, it should be an offensive draft for them and high hopes for the coming season.

11) Tennessee Titans 

Although many are high on the Titans the team just narrowly won their division as well as a first-round exit in the playoffs. The Colts and Titans will battle it out once again for the top of the division. As long as Derrick Henry is in the NFL and on the roster, the team will be a reckoning offense but one mistake and this team fall off the high horse.

10) Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers had one of the best starts to a season since the Panthers in 2015. They fell off towards the end of the season losing 4 of their last 5 including teams like the Cincinnati Bengals and the Washington Football team. If Ben Roethlisberger decides to return and they can resign JuJu Smith-Schuster the team will look for back-to-back division titles next year.  

9) San Francisco 49ers 

Garoppolo did not look his best in 2020 but it wasn’t all on him. The team struggled the most of any team with injuries after losing Kittle, Jimmy G, Richard Sherman, Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, Raheem Mostert, Solomon Thomas, and a couple more. If this team stays healthy it’s one of the most powerful teams in the NFC but they just couldn’t hold on to any players this year and it showed

8) Cleveland Browns

The Browns and Kevin Stefanski have one of the brightest futures in the NFL. Baker Mayfield looked like a different person this season and it showed. The Browns made the NFL playoffs for the first time in 17 years and won their first NFL playoff game since 1994. This past season really opened the eyes of every sports fan and gave hope to all the struggling teams in every sport. 

7) Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens had one of the most dominant offenses in the league two seasons ago but didn’t come through this season. With Lamar putting up okay numbers and a struggle at that wide receiver core the defense is what held this team together. If the Ravens draft right and keep key pieces on defense, this team goes back into the Top-Five.

6) Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson has to get his needs met or we are going to see him sit out until they are. He wants a better offensive line because he is tired of getting put on the ground. The Seahawks will need to put some money into NFL Free agency and get the best available players at that position and in doing so they will regain some respect on their name  

5) Los Angeles Rams

The Rams looked amazing during the playoffs. If it weren’t for a loss to the packers they could have put up one heck of a fight against the Buccaneers. Aaron Donald has solidified his name as the best in the league at his position and will for many years. If the Rams play like they did last year and the addition of Matthew Stafford, this team looks very frightening to the rest of the league. 

4) Buffalo Bills

The Bills are coming off of one of the best seasons the franchise has ever seen. Josh Allen was in MVP form & Stefon Diggs showed up to play after being traded from Minnesota. This team doesn’t have much to improve on except for some offensive line changes. If this can get done the bills are legitimate Super Bowl Contenders

3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After winning Super Bowl LV, the Buccaneers have nothing on their agenda except getting back their free agents and they have some important ones. Chris Godwin needs to be extended as well as Lavonte David. This team needs to bring them back if they want to repeat as Super Bowl Champions.

2) Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs don’t need to do much except for draft offensive line heavy. With some returning from injury they need replacements on the O- Line if they want Mahomes to be happy in Kansas City. 

1) Green Bay Packers

Green Bay has the reigning NFL MVP on the roster for the next three years. With Aaron Rodgers playing some of his best football, the Packers just look to be more dangerous next year. The only person they need to get to come back is Aaron Jones and they can build on from there. This team will be the most fun to watch for many many years.


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