Two Cities That Should Receive An MLB Expansion Team

Two Cities That Should Receive An MLB Expansion Team
Credit: NG Baseball

MLB, when it does implement expansion teams, will have to pick the right location. Picking the location for an expansion team can be challenging. Below are two cities as suggestions as to where a team in this situation and location would make the most sense.

The suggestions for the team are based on population, location, and representation. It would not make sense to put an MLB team in a location with a small population because the fanbase most likely would not be large. A team in Wyoming would not make sense. The location kind of ties in with that.

Does the location have a good population surrounding that city? Does this region cover ground that makes sense. This ties into representation. There are parts of the country that could use a baseball team. Many people are unable to visit games because the nearest team to them is still incredibly far away.

These people would like a team to support that is close to them. It is not a matter of if the MLB will expand, it is a matter of when. When the MLB finally does expand, what city will get the nod?

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