Is Deshaun Watson Going About Leaving Houston The Right Way?

Is Deshaun Watson Going About Leaving Houston Correctly ?
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Deshaun Watson had been discussed all over the NFL, current and past players have been voicing their opinions on how Deshaun Watson is going about leaving the Houston Texans. Brett Farve was quoted saying, “I’m kind of old school — you play,” Favre said. “You get paid a ton of money to do a certain job, and just do it, and let the chips fall where they may.

How Well Has Watson Been Playing? 

It is relatively uncommon for a quarterback, especially at the age of 25, to want out. It is sporadic for a quarterback by the age of 25 to be a top-five quarterback in the NFL. In the last three years, Watson is second in yards per attempt, fourth in accuracy percentage. He is also fourth in first down percentage, fifth in explosive pass percentage, and sixth in target depth. 

No other quarterback has ranked top ten in all these stats. While reeling in all of these stats Watson is the sixth most pressured quarterback and sixth most sacked quarterback. According to PFF, also known as pro football focus, Watson is the third-highest ranked quarterback in the second half. The grade he was given is an 89.6. 

How Has He’s Went About Leaving?

At first, Watson didn’t ultimately come out and say that he was demanding a trade but made it known that he was unhappy in Houston. Watson wanted to be a part of the head coaching search, and the general manager search. Most young franchise quarterbacks would like to be aswell. Watson understood that he would want to trust his coaches for this team to take the next step. 

Deshaun Watson was a part of neither. The Texans hired Nick Caserio, who was formerly with the Patriots for 20 seasons. After not being a part of that hire, Watson made it known he would like to have Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy as the head coach. The Texans eventually hired former wide receivers coach for the Baltimore Ravens, David Culley. Watson, following those decisions, made it known he wanted out and demanded a trade. 

Deshaun Watson had his first meeting with Coach Culley a week ago. Watson made it known and reiterated he had no intention to play for this team and still stands on being traded. Despite the Texans voicing that they would like to keep the franchise quarterback in town, it is likely over for the two. 

Why Would Watson Want Out? 

Besides being left out of the searching for the new staff, this fire between the two parties is believed to have been lit even prior to. Before this season started, the Texans and now-fired coach Bill O’Brien decided to trade away two-time all-pro and wide receiver one Deandre Hopkins away for pretty much a bag of chips. 

In return for Hopkins was a second-round pick and running back David Johnson. Following this season, the Texans fired a close friend of Watson’s and team equipment manager. In order to keep your unhappy franchise quarterback in town, most people would do anything he wanted. It seems as though the Texans are doing the opposite. 



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