Should Juventus Move On From Andrea Pirlo?

Should Juventus Move On From Andrea Pirlo?
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Coming into the season, Juventus looked on a dangerous side. With recent signings ArthurWeston McKennie, and Federico Chiesa, the Italian Giants’ tenth consecutive Scudetto looked inevitable. However, all too much has gone wrong for the Italians, currently third in Serie A and at risk of falling early in the UEFA Champions League.

Although many issues must be addressed, perhaps inexperienced manager Andre Pirlo is at fault for the majority. Here’s what he’s done right and wrong and if he needs to be replaced.

What Pirlo Brings To The Team

Since coming in, Pirlo has provided a much more exciting style of play to Juventus. A fast-paced rhythm overwhelming opposing teams’ wings has impressed at times. At their best, Juventus is a fantastic side that can brush past any team in its way. In early December, fans first saw this side with a commanding 3-0 victory over Barcelona.

Everything clicked and Pirlo’s style of play was in full effect. The 4-3-3 formation that could easily turn into 3-5-2 was phenomenal at its best. However, at their worst, Juventus is an utterly boring and uncreative side.

Furthermore, Andrea Pirlo deserves his fair share of credit through his smart transfer business. The inexperienced manager has brought in the likes of Weston McKennie, Federico Chiesa, and Gianluca Frabotta, who’ve all been terrific additions to the side. The Maestro deserves credit for these smart moves, however, he has not done enough to mold them into young stars.

What Pirlo Has Done Wrong

Although his side is still in the running for the Scudetto, there are many flaws in this Juventus side. Despite being six months into the season, the Italian manager is still yet to find his go-to lineup. His constant changing on the formation as well as the starting 11 constantly leaves fans guessing.

His players are unable to learn their role in the squad and seem confused on the pitch as well. Now, it seems as though he’s found his ideal formation, the 4-4-2, however, it is far from what he pitched when he first made an attempt at the job. 

Andrea Pirlo has also struggled in terms of keeping his squad consistent. By mid-season, most teams’ early-season issues are often cleared up. However, the Old Lady continues to flounder in terms of midfield creativity, and simply just remaining consistent. This season, Bianconeri fans are constantly forced to worry about their teams’ performance. Juventus has put in poor performances against lower-tier clubs due to their inconsistent play. 

Should Juventus Get Rid of Pirlo?

With as many poor performances as he has had, Juventus should fire Pirlo. Juventus are in crisis mode now and need something to change to bring back hope to save the season. Although there have been positives this season, the negatives heavily outweigh them.

There’s enough talent to bring them back to the top under the right coach. With constant excuses to escape the backlash, he’s slowly becoming an unwanted presence in the locker room as well. Juventus should look to part ways with their former superstar and look for a manager with more experience.

If they do so, they may still have a chance to compete in Serie A and potentially even challenge for the Champions League trophy.

Potential Replacement

Although not many high-class managers are currently unemployed, want-away French manager Zinedine Zidane is an intriguing option. Zidane matched up with striker Cristiano Ronaldo was a scary duo at Real Madrid. Not many opposing fans will wish to remember their time together.

However, perhaps the Black and White can reunite the two in Turin. The Frenchman is looking for a way out and Juventus may be the path to follow. Zidane would additionally fit perfectly at Juventus. He could significantly improve the midfield while creating a much more dangerous side. Zidane returning to Italy could be what brings Juventus back to the top.

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