The Cowboys Have Re-signed QB Dak Prescott

The Cowboys Have Re-signed QB Dak Prescott
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The Details 

The Cowboys have re-signed quarterback Dak Prescott to a six-year $160 million deal. In the end, the contract can total up to $164 million. Dak gets a no-trade clause and a no-tag provision in this deal. Dak Prescott is guaranteed $126 million, which is a lot considering he is just coming off of injury. He is now sitting right behind Mahomes on the per-year highest-paid quarterback list with $40 million. Dak gets a $66 million signing bonus and $75 million in year one.


Prescott is arguably a top-five top ten quarterback in the NFL, and that is why he is getting paid as such. Dak has been to the playoffs two out of his four healthy seasons with the Cowboys. Dak had continued to improve more and more as his career had progressed, mainly when it came to accuracy. His field vision has also taken a step up from his first few years.

Prescott was second in yards per attempt with 8.4 this season, only coming behind Deshaun Watson with 8.9. Since Dak has stepped into the league, he has been nothing but impressive. Jerry Jones understood that you have to have a top quarterback in this league if you want to compete. With Dak making the pro-bowl twice in his career and being to the playoffs twice, Jerry knew what he had to do.

Despite this contract being loaded and costly, In the end, Dallas gets their guy and does not have to worry about the most crucial position in football. Since joining the NFC East, Dak has looked as the leader of the bunch, seeming as though he rarely loses to the teams inside of it. Although Dak is very talented, he did start 2020 off with a 1-4 record. This only means now that although they’ve got their guy, it’s time to look defense. 

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