Tampa Bay Buccaneers Franchise Tag Chris Godwin

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Franchise Tag WR Chris Godwin
Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Chris Godwin was a significant piece to this Superbowl run that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just went on. Godwin has been the right-hand man to Mike Evans since he stepped into the NFL and had his best year in 2019. Since 2019 Godwin is the 10th ranked receiver with a grade of 88.9.

Finishing the 2020 regular season with 65 receptions, 840 yards, and seven receiving touchdowns, he was a reliable threat for Tom Brady. Godwin missed a total of four games this year due to injury. Godwin showed up when it mattered in the playoffs by making acrobatic catches after another to keep drives alive. It ultimately came down to a tag between Chris Godwin and Shaquil Barrett.

Due to Barrett being franchise-tagged last year, being tagged a second time would’ve been a bit costly. Tampa bay is tight at the moment when it comes to cap space. So any little move they can make, they are. Recently Tom Brady has been reconstructing his contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to free up money. Now that the Bucs have got their weapon secured for another year, their eyes turn to Shaq Barrett, but they may not be able to.

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