Predicting Next Seasons’ First Team All Pro Roster

Predicting Next Seasons' First Team All Pro Roster
Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce said he had no doubts the team would overcome its first quarter deficit to come back and win 51-31 over the Houston Texans.

After every NFL season, star players around the league are voted onto the All-Pro team.  The all-pro team consists of the best players from that season who outperformed the rest.  Let’s take a look at our early prediction for next year’s Offensive First-Team All-Pro squad.  

Quarterback All Pro

At quarterback, I’m going to go Patrick Mahomes.  Mahomes, who will be heading into his 4th year, has already become the face of the sport, and one of the most famous athletes in the world. The Chiefs quarterback has been putting up amazing numbers his entire career.  Year after year, he continues to rack up his resume and break record after record.  Last season, Mahomes was the early front runner for MVP.  Things were looking good until Mahomes began to slightly reduce, while Aaron Rodgers continued to improve. Eventually, Rodgers took the MVP award.  Mahomes still had an incredible season, making it all the way to the Super Bowl but losing to Tom Brady.  

Next year, I think Mahomes is going to have the best season of his career.  After a crushing loss to Brady, this talented Chiefs team wants revenge.  With returning weapons like speedy Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Damien Williams, Mahomes is set for another career season and I think he wins the MVP and is a First-Team All-Pro.  

Running Back All Pro

At Running Back, I’m going to go with a bold call here and say that Saquon Barkley is going to finish the best at his position and win this award. After 2 amazing seasons to begin Saquon’s career, he was sadly taken down this year as he tore his ACL in the second game of the season. A torn ACL is usually a crushing blow to regular backs as it may affect their running for the future.  Fortunately, Saquon is no regular back. He is the player that topped over 2000 scrimmage yards in his rookie season. He is the player that won Rookie of The Year.  

Next year, Saquon will bounce back.  Despite the sub-par offensive line in New York, Barkley is always able to find the holes he needs to hit. The best part of his game is his ability to move in the open field.  Once Saquan has room, it is game over. If the Giants can find ways to get him the ball in open space, he will do things not many can. Saquan will win this award next year.  

Wide Receiver All Pro

I know putting Davante Adams on the NFL All-Pro Team is not an impressive call, but it is the obvious call here.  Last year, Adams was simply unstoppable.  He proved himself to be the no-doubt best receiver in the league.  Adams’ game is not like many receivers.  He does not have tremendous size or amazing speed.  His game is his route running.  Adams may be the best route runner of all time.  He makes defensive backs look clueless on a game-to-game basis looking effortless as he does so.  

Last year, Rodgers had an incredible season winning MVP.  Due to his success, it also benefited Adams as the Rodgers-Adams connection was off the charts. This upcoming season, Devante and Rodgers will look to repeat their success from last year, and hopefully make it past the NFC Championship.  

Deandre Hopkins has been one of the league’s top receivers for years.  After being traded to the Cardinals in a blockbuster deal, many were skeptical of how he would perform with the young Kyler Murray. Then, Hopkins proved the doubters wrong.  The Cardinals began the season on a great note.  They were winning games, and all the players who were projected to perform did exactly that. Hopkins was clicking with Murray and things and all was well in the Desert.  Then, Murray got hurt.  The injury to Kyler ruined the season.  The Cardinals were trended downwards which affected Hopkins’ stats and play. Coincidentally he missed the All-Pro Team.  

Next year is a huge year for the Cardinals.  As we are coming up to the draft, Arizona already looks ready to go for it all next season.  With a healthy Kyler Murray, Hopkins should be able to use his raw skills and have an incredible season next year. 

Tight End All Pro

Undoubtedly the best tight end in the NFL is Travis Kelce. Kelce has been Mr.Consient for years now.  Every single season, he continues to impress and put up outstanding numbers.  Last year, Kelce finished second among the league in receiving yards.  Second! As a tight end.

Kelce has a special connection with Mahomes.  The chemistry between the two is off the charts as they seem to know each other every single next move each and every play.

Next season, George Kittle will be fully healthy, which means competition at the position.  Kittle and Kelce are the two best tight ends in the NFL, but I don’t think Kittle will be able to keep up with him.  With weapons around Kelce that defenses need to keep track of, Kelce often gets forgotten about and lets defenses because of it.  He is clearly the best tight end in the NFL and will definitely finish first-team All-Pro next year.  

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