New York Mets Extend Shortstop Francisco Lindor

New York Mets Extend Shortstop Francisco Lindor
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The New York Mets and Francisco Lindor have come to an agreement on a 10-year/$341 million dollar contract extension. It took a while and a lot of drama went down, but the Mets and Lindor have finally come to an agreement on March 31st, the day before the Mets open up against the Washington Nationals. Opening Day was the deadline set by Lindor to get an extension done. Lindor rejected the Mets’ first offer of 10-year/$325 million dollar deal and countered, wanting 12-years/$385 million dollars.

The two sides met in the middle and agreed upon the current deal. The deal does not include any opt outs. Lindor’s contract is one million more than Fernando Tatis Jr’s contract extension with four less seasons. Francisco Lindor makes the Mets better. With his own skill, along with making other players around him better.

What Next For the Mets?

Lindor extending means New York can shift their focus to extending their other star players. Michael Conforto and Noah Syndergaard are the other two Mets’ players to have had extension rumors. The Mets did not want to discuss serious extension talks with Conforto until after an extension with Lindor was agreed upon. Conforto is a Scott Boras client, and he is notorious for not having his star clients sign extensions.

The Mets will have to wow Conforto in order to get an extension done. It seems that Conforto enjoys it in Queens so his loyalty could help get a deal done. Noah Syndergaard, who is returning from Tommy John surgery, is another pending free agent alongside Conforto. Syndergaard has loved his time here in Queens and would most likely love an extension. Getting an extension done could help ease his mind while he recovers and bounces back from his injury. 

What to Expect from the Lindor Extension?

It is official, Francisco Lindor will be a face of the franchise for many years to come. But is Lindor worth the money? In my opinion this is a slight overpay, however, I do feel it is too early to judge. Lindor does have a lot of talent, leadership, and marketability. Jersey and ticket sale will most likely shoot up largely for the Mets. As seen so far in spring training, Lindor brings great leadership. He has already made a big impact in the clubhouse. Guys like Pete Alonso and Tomas Nido love being on the same team as Lindor. Alonso is fired up to have an impact player on the team, and Lindor and Nido played together in little league. So there is a cool connection between the two of them there. Lindor will provide a much needed defensive boost, speed, a switch hitting bat, and all-star level offense.

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