Losers of 2021 NFL Free Agency

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 1: Deshaun Watson #4 of the Houston Texans throws a pass during the first half of a game against the New England Patriots at NRG Stadium on December 1, 2019 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) (2019 Getty Images)

2021 NFL Free Agency was a wild ride, to say the least. Teams such as the New York Giants and the Los Angeles Chargers improved their teams by plugging in holes on their rosters through the free-agent market. However, some teams weren’t as lucky in requiring big-name talents to improve their respective teams. These teams not only lost free agency this year but it will affect their franchises for years to come. 

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears were supposed to land Deshaun Watson. Instead, they got Andy Dalton. Case Closed.

But seriously, the Bears are a disaster of a franchise. They cut former All-Pro Corner Kyle Fuller which led to his former teammates voicing their disdain. They have successfully destroyed their locker room and lost the respect of the veteran leadership. I would expect more Bears players to leave next off-season as a result of this move. 

The Bears also let go of former second overall pick Mitchell Trubisky. They traded up one spot just to pick him in the 2017 Draft. It just further proves the incompetence of this franchise.

Deshaun Watson

The Houston Texans vs Deshaun Watson Saga lives on. A matchup as enticing as the King of the Monsters vs the Eighth Wonder of the World, everyone in the football world expected Houston to trade their disgruntled franchise quarterback.

Not only did they not trade Watson but he is now facing legal troubles. He is facing sexual harassment lawsuits in a post Me Too world. It can’t get any worse than that.

Deshaun Watson is still in Houston and is facing legal allegations. Things can get very ugly in the Lone Star State. 

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are an absolute trainwreck. After the aftermath of blatantly tanking in national television, free agents avoided the franchise like the plague that they are. The Eagles had no cap space to improve any aspect of their roster. They fired their Superbowl-winning coach in Doug Pederson,  traded Carson Wentz to the Colts, and will certainly lose veteran tight end Zach Ertz and All-Pro center Jason Kelce

The Eagles have no future and have very little promise in the present because of artificially fixing a game. No one should feel an ounce of sympathy for a pathetic franchise. 

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