It’s Rebuild Time For The Eagles

It's Rebuild Time For The Eagles
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The Philadelphia Eagles pulled off the impossible in 2017. Led by an unlikely hero in Nick Foles, the Eagles captured their first Superbowl in franchise history. However, four years later things look completely different in the city of brotherly love. The former second overall pick in Carson Wentz is in Indianapolis and the majority of the 2017 core is either gone or will be gone very soon.  It’s time to tear it all down in Eagle Town. 

No Cap Space 

The Eagles have some of the fewest cap space in the NFL. According to, the Eagles have the sixth least amount of cap space in the league. What’s even worse is that they are paying over $39 million in dead money. By far the most dead money in the league. This is due to Philadelphia paying Carson Wentz over $33 million to play for the Colts. This is the most dead money spent in history. Something has to change. 

The Eagles also have former All-Pro Center Jason Kelce and former Pro-Bowl Tight End Zach Ertz on the books. Philly has been looking to trade them for a while now and could find suitors during the draft. It’s Time to Tear it Down in Philly

But Philadephia can’t do anything with all of the dead money tied to Wentz. Sure they can trade both Kelce and Ertz but it will shed the $33 million they owe Wentz. This disaster is all on General Manager Howie Roseman. 

Roseman has Got to Go 

As great as the Super Bowl run was, the writing was on the wall for Howie Roseman long before 2021. Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson anyone? 

The Eagles need to start a new era in the team’s history and it will officially begin with the firing of their GM. Hire a new General Magnwer who will actually draft smart and not pay millions of dollars for a player to play for another team. 

The Verdict

It’s time to hunker down Eagles fans. Because they are going be in for another difficult rebuild for a long time to come. 

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