Brandon Nimmo: The Most Underrated Player in Baseball

Brandon Nimmo: The Most Underrated Player in Baseball
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While the New York Mets have gotten off to a solid 7-5 start, their bats have been very underwhelming. Most of the lineup, including recent acquisition Francisco Lindor, have not been producing at the level they are capable of. But the one player who has demolished all expectations is Center Fielder Brandon Nimmo. If you don’t follow the Mets religiously you may not recognize Nimmo at first. However, if you look at his statistics not only at the start of this year but the years prior, Brandon Nimmo is one of the elite players in all of baseball. Yet no one seems to notice. 

He Gets on Base

Brandon Nimmo has gotten off to a terrific start in 2021. He has a .395 average and a .490 on-base percentage. Yes, that is correct. Brandon Nimmo gets on base almost half of all his at-bats. Mike Trout has an OBS of .508. Not too far off from the best player in the game.

Nimmo has been getting on base even before this year. In 2018 he had a .280 AVG with an OBS of .404. These are elite stats yet no one in baseball will talk about it. I get that Nimmo isn’t flashy or polarizing like Fernando Tatis Jr. But the stats don’t lie. Brandon Nimmo is elite. 

Amazing Attitude

There’s a reason why Brandon Nimmo is called the happiest man in baseball. He brings an amazing attitude to the ballpark every day and puts it all on the line for his teammates. Even when it’s just a walk, Nimmo will run towards first with a smile on his face. 

If you’re a team like the Mets wanting to build a winning culture, having a guy like Nimmo on the squad is imperative. His endless energy and enthusiasm are unmatched in the game of baseball.

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