Looking At The NHL’s Calder Trophy Race

Looking At The NHL's Calder Trophy Race
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The Calder Trophy goes to the NHL’s best rookie. The top rookies this year all benefit their team greatly. The current top four rankings happen to pan out with one from each division. With the NHL schedule for the 2020-21 season, the rookies only play teams from their division, which they are more comfortable playing. The hope is for these players to headline the future of the NHL. Here are the current Calder Trophy rankings.

Kirill Kaprizov

The twenty-three-year-old forward was a fifth-round draft pick. Still, Kirill has played so well that he is considered the leader in the Calder race. In forty-four games, he has accounted for thirty-seven points. The Minnesota Wild are in third place in the Honda West division. Kaprizov will undoubtedly get to make his case in the remaining games of the season. He is a very impressive skater and is very talented, so he excels on the man advantage and continues to make flashy and impressive goals. 

Jason Robertson

Jason Robertson is much younger than Kaprizov at twenty-one years old. He was also a second-round draft choice, way above Kaprizov. Through thirty-nine games, he has accounted for thirty-three points. Dallas is currently not in a playoff position, but with Robertson’s play as of late, don’t count them out. The fourth playoff spot in the Discover Central division is tight, so the Stars need Robertson to deliver. Another advantage for Robertson over Kaprizov is the average time on ice per game. Robertson plays fewer minutes per game than Kaprizov and is still keeping up with points per game. 

Igor Shesterkin

Although he played some games last season, the New York Rangers goaltender is still considered a rookie. Through twenty-eight games, Shesterkin has an 8.28 GSAA and a 5.59 GSAx. Shesterkin had played better before last night’s matchup against the New York Islanders. The Rangers are fighting for a playoff spot, so Igor’s play now is more beneficial than ever. Good goaltending is the start of a winning team. The Rangers are fortunate to have this incredible play as their next franchise goalie. Even potentially passing Henrik Lundqvist as the Rangers top franchise goalie.

Josh Norris

The twenty-four-year-old former first-round pick has been one of the only good things to the Ottawa Senators’ season. The Senators are one of the worst NHL teams this season. Norris is playing with a very talented and young roster with hopes for the future on the bright side. Norris has twenty-nine points in forty-six games. Compared to other top Calder Trophy nominees, Norris doesn’t have the same stats. That’s why he finds himself as number four. However, this is still a massive accomplishment for any rookie.

Final Thoughts

As the season comes to an end, both Kaprizov and Robertson have shown their case for the Calder Trophy. If one of them finishes off the season on a higher note, he will win the Calder. However, based on the current status, Kirill Kaprizov has a slight edge. 


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