5 Sleeper UDFA From The 2021 NFL Draft

5 Sleeper Undrafted Free Agents From The 2021 NFL Draft
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Undrafted free agents are players who were in the NFL draft and who were never picked. Each year, a few make all the teams besides the one they play for regret not picking them. These are five possible players who I believe can make a name for themselves.

Marvin Wilson 

Wilson had an impressive 2019 season leading many to believe he would be a high pick in a future draft, and with Wilson, that wasn’t the case. Wilson was the leader of that impressive run-stuffing front of the Florida State Seminoles. Despite having a profound 2019 year, the drop off on and off the field caused Wilson to find his name not to be called.

Wilson, at times during the 2020 season, was found to be challenging the coach and even at times had called him a “liar, “ and with Wilson being one of the leaders in that locker room, head coaches didn’t seem to find that situation appealing when looking into Wilson.

Nonetheless, Wilson is a highly talented player who’s found himself in a great spot after signing with the Cleveland Browns. If Wilson can dig back into that 2019 version of himself which many believe even Mel Kiper Jr, Cleveland will have found themselves a gold mine.

Kenny Yeboah, TE, Ole Miss

Kenny Yeboah was seen by some as physically the closest thing to Kyle Pitts that wasn’t Kyle Pitts. Of course, with Pitts going four, you’d imagine that someone similar to him physically would be drafted high as well. That wasn’t the case for the redshirt senior out of Ole Miss. Yeboah was solid at the catch point and was sneaky fast after the catch. Yeboah, at 6’4 & 250 pounds, wasn’t all that great of a blocker.

Kenny gave half effort and didn’t give his all every play, which most coaches didn’t like. Kenny Yeboah signed very soon after the draft was over with the New York Jets. Yeboah brought his frustration to not being drafted to Twitter, saying, “ The league gon feel me, I promise.” Paired up with young and impressively talented quarterback Zach Wilson, Yeboah will move up the depth chart if he gives his all. 

Sage Surratt

Sage Surratt opted out of the 2020 season alongside his teammate Jamie Newman. With opting out, coaches didn’t have but so much tape on him. The Senior Bowl was a huge platform for many of these players. The combine was scraped and opting out of their season.

Sage Surratt standing at 6’2 is impressive and wins a good amount of those 50/50 go up and get it type of balls and adds some impressive after catch yards every so often. Surratt ended his 2019 season with a bad shoulder, so he hasn’t been on the field in quite some time.

Sage Surratt was a basketball star and had offers from UNC but chose to go the football route instead. His basketball background is a contributor to why he is good at going up and getting it.

Javian Hawkins

Running backs have been found all over the draft, from the first round to undrafted free agents. Running backs level of importance decreases as the years go by, which causes teams not to draft them as high. That is mainly due to how much of a passing league the NFL is today and with some running backs not having a receiving game apart from what they offer.

Javian Hawkins, on the other hand, is now my James Robinson, undrafted free agent running back for the Jaguars. Hawkins is known for his home run ability which can be used as a good placement back in the NFL. Hawkins is 5’8 which may be the reason teams shy away from signing him.

There have been many smaller backs in the league, so that he can perform isn’t the question I have for him. Hawkins was signed by the Falcons and will be paired in the backfield with Mike Davis and can provide great ability as a home run threat. 

Dylan Moses 

Maybe the most significant question mark for all the undrafted free agents, Dylan Moses, has had an unfortunate career that he’s hoping to be able to turn around. Moses was previously viewed as a first-round pick. Injuries have derailed that. Moses, a former 5-star out of high school, was very impressive and electric at the linebacker position.

After being plagued with injuries, his level of play has decreased. Even battling injuries was still a vital piece to that Alabama defense. Moses has the potential as long as he can stay on the field. Being paired with Joe Schobert, Moses looks to learn from the vet and become a force for the Jacksonville defense. 

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