Players On Their New Teams Post Trade Deadline

Apr 15, 2021; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Bruins left wing Taylor Hall (71) gets ready for a face-off during the third period against the New York Islanders at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL trade deadline was less than a month ago. Some players have made an immediate impact on their new teams. However, not all panned out. For the ones that did work out, the players may have earned themself an extension rather than only play a rental role for the team. The players also get to go from a trash team to a playoff team and attempt to get a Stanley Cup. Here is a breakdown of some players and their recent play.

Jeff Carter

Many didn’t believe that Jeff Carter had more in his tank. I was among this group. However, since joining the Pittsburgh Penguins, his season turned upside down. He scored more goals in fourteen games with the Penguins than in forty games with the Kings. Pittsburgh has also dealt with tons of injuries, so adding Carter was huge for them. Additionally, Carter adds veteran and playoff experience to a team looking to get far. 

Sam Bennett

Towards the end of his playing years in Calgary, there were rumors that Sam Bennett was unhappy and that he wanted out. If these rumors were true, Bennett got his wish. The Florida Panthers are a great team to join. Bennett joined a great group of forwards in Florida and has created some chemistry with his new teammates. In ten games, he has accounted for fifteen points. If these numbers can continue into the playoffs, who knows how many years Sam Bennett will play for the Panthers.

Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall was booming on the New Jersey Devils but hadn’t gotten back to this form until he got traded to the Boston Bruins. At least to an extent. Hall was unfortunate to have to play in Buffalo this season, and his numbers were affected as a result. However, Hall has since bounced back and has contributed to the Bruins on almost a daily basis. Boston also got a good deal for Hall, and with his recent play, fans must consider if this is where he will end up next season. Even if Hall is just a rental, Boston added an offensive forward at the perfect time to help with a massive need in finding secondary scoring. 

Kyle Palmieri

Compared to the other players, Kyle Palmieri has not produced those numbers. Since joining the New York Islanders, Palmieri has accounted for less than five points. New York brought him in to strengthen either the first line in Anders Lee’s position or add a consistent winger on the third line. Either way, the Islanders have not gotten the production from someone they got for a first-rounder. But, there is still time for him to prove himself come playoff time. He’ll look to carry the momentum from playing well in the final regular-season games to the playoffs.


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