Top Ten No-Hitters in MLB History

The 2021 MLB Season has featured four no-hitters already and we haven’t even hit the month of June. To ponder how rare and this occurrence truly is, we will look back at the ten greatest no-hitters in MLB History. 


Number Ten 

Johan Santana No-Hits the Cardinals at Citi Field (2012)

Top 10 No-Hitters in MLB History

Number Nine

Clayton Kershaw’s Almost Perfect Game at Dodger Stadium (2014)

Number Eight

Charlie Roberston Achieves Perfection Against the Detroit Tigers (1922)

Top Ten No-Hitters in MLB History

Number Seven

The San Diego Kid No-Hits the Rangers (2021)

Top Ten No-Hitters in MLB History

Number Six

Dock Ellis’ Acid Trip is a No-Hitter Against the Padres (1970)

Top Ten No-Hitters in MLB History

Number Five

Forty Year Old Randy Johnson is perfect against Atlanta (2004)

Number Four

Johnny Vander Meer Throws Back to Back (1938)

Number Three

King Felix is Perfect for the First Time in Mariners History (2012)

Number Two

Roy Halladay Rewrites History in the Postseason (2010)



Roy Halladay is one of only two players in MLB history to throw a No-Hitter during the Postseason. Halladay’s No-Hitter also ended the Phillies’ horrible luck with No-Hitters. Truly historic.

Number One

Don Larsen Throws a Perfect Game in the World Series (1956)

Don Larsen is not only the only player to ever throw a perfect game during the Postseason but he is also the only one to do it during the World Series. This pitching performance is the greatest of all time simply because of the ramifications. To retire all twenty-seven batters while under immense pressure to bring home a championship has never been replicated again. And may never be.

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