Will Aaron Rodgers Stay In Green Bay ?

Aaron Rodgers was voted NFL MVP by the Associated Press for the 2011, 2014 and 2020 seasons. Photograph: Jeffrey Phelps/AP

Aaron Rodgers has been rumored to want out of Green Bay and is willing to go to great lengths. Draft night, it was rumored that the 49ers offered the third overall pick and more for Rodgers, but the packers opted not to do it and stick with Aaron. It looks promising for Packers fans that Rodgers will suit up this year despite everything going on. 2022 is when I really believe the departure between Rodgers and the Packers may happen, and here’s why.

What Is The Aaron Rodgers Drama?

This Drama dates back to draft night of the 2020 NFL draft. Not only did the Packers select Aaron Rodgers replacement, but they also traded up to get him. They passed on receivers such as Chase Claypool, Tee Higgins & Michael Pittman Jr. Jordan Love was either compared to Mahomes or your average backup quarterback, depending on who you asked.

With Rodgers having an MVP season and exceeding expectations by a mile, it threw a monkey wrench into the Packer’s plans. The Packers lost in a heartbreaker in the NFC championship game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when things went sideways. It is one specific play call that had Rodgers fuming. It was 4th & Goal on the nine-yard line down 31-23 where Matt LaFleur decided to go for three instead of seven. Many believe the Packers should’ve gone for it, as did Rodgers. Brady, as he usually does, made the Packers pay and sealed the game the following drive.

Rodgers spent his offseason throwing subtle hints as to him wanting to depart from the Packers. Appearing on shows such as the Pat McAfee Show to do so. Now Rodgers hasn’t said out his mouth but has seemingly done everything else to imply. It has been rumored that he has been telling teammates he won’t put on a Packers Jersey Again.

The RunDown

While being interviewed on The Herd, many of Rodgers Former teammates described this situation as “fixable.” The Packers have spent one first-round pick on the offense in the last ten years, and that was Rodgers replacement. No first-round receiver, not even a first-round tight end. Aaron Rodgers is performing exceedingly well, especially at his age. The Packers have been in four NFC title games since 2014. Have they won one at least? No.

The Packers have relied heavily on the performance of Rodgers to keep the offense at its best. Aaron Rodgers carried the offense to where they were the number one offense in the entire NFL. Rodgers has been a win because of not a win with quarterback, which is the main reason for frustration. The lack of help outside of arguably the best wideout in football in Davante Adams & running back Aaron Jones, is minimal. 

Potential Suitors

Three teams make the most sense and are almost perfect fits. Are these teams connected to Rodgers in any way? No, but if they were to acquire him, it would shake things up a bit for the NFL and these teams.

Team 1: Denver Broncos 

Denver could have a Peyton Manning situation all over again. Denver would most likely have to give up a good amount of their future to do this, but it would be worth it. As of right now, Denver has the worst QB in the division. That would change, of course, with this acquisition. Denver has the defense, the offensive line, and the weapons to make this all work. The only problems are the Head coach might be out soon, and the GM is in his first year.

Team 2: New York Giants

The Giants make sense for a few reasons. Daniel Jones assuming he doesn’t make the year three leap, will most likely be gone. The Giants have a great roster all around and may even be the most well-rounded team in their division. With this move, Rodgers gets a defensive step up and a step up offensively. The Giants acquired an extra first-round pick from the Bears, so to do this, they will most likely have to give those up. If the Giants were to make this move look for them to be Superbowl contenders. 

Team 3: Washington Football Team

Assuming Washington’s defense replicates their performance from the previous season, they will have a top-five defense. Antonio Gibson makes for a promising young running back, and he has two weapons in Terry McLaurin and Curtis Samuel. Washington has a coach who’s been to the Superbowl in Ron Rivera, so he knows what it takes. Rodgers would easily make this team the best in their division, maybe even top three in the entire conference. Meager chance Washington makes this move, but I wouldn’t rule them out with the uncertainty they have at the quarterback position.


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