Top Fits For Julio Jones

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - OCTOBER 25: Julio Jones #11 of the Atlanta Falcons warms up prior to the game against the Detroit Lions at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on October 25, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Julio Jones is a seven-time pro bowler and two-time all-pro receiver who has a jacket in Canton with his name on it. Julio has been astounding throughout his career and hasn’t discontinued that just yet. He’s voiced that he’s wanted out of Atlanta, and it seems they are going to grant him that wish. Here are the four most realistic options to land the star receiver for this upcoming NFL season.

San Francisco 49ers

Julio’s most primed years came with coach Shanahan as offensive coordinator. Julio is past his time playing 16 or now 17 games a season. Julio Jones can come in and dominate when needed, which is why he’s more suited for playoff teams. Deebo Samuel & Brandon Aiyuk are still young but learning from an all-time receiver can excel them in many ways. The million-dollar question is how long Jimmy Garoppolo will stay healthy? Whether that’s sooner or later, having a bonafide wide receiver for either Garoppolo or Lance can improve this team even more.

Tennessee Titans

The losses of Corey Davis and Jonnu Smith hurt more than the outside eye can notice. Jonnu was more than a regular tight end in Tennessee & was also used for sweeps a few times. Corey Davis had taken the attention away from A.J Brown, who has improved every year. With the only two true weapons on that Tennessee offense being Brown and Henry, it’ll be easier to single them out. If you add Julio into the mix, it opens the game for both of them and makes Ryan Tannehill’s life significantly easier. 

New England Patriots

The media trying to persuade the narrative that the Patriots are simply built of wide receiver two options and lack a true wide receiver one are merely false. Nelson Agholor proved last year that he could be consistent on the outside and have multiple big games. Having a career-high in yards with 896 and tying his career-high in touchdowns with eight shows he’s improving.

Now, some can argue that Darren Waller may have helped, which he very quickly could have. That is why you add Julio, you’ll have someone to count on when he’s out, and when he’s healthy, it’ll be a scary crew. On top of all of that, Cam hasn’t played an entire season in a while, and you drafted a quarterback in the first round. If Mac Jones does end up playing, it would be nice to have a hall of fame bound receiver.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens noticed that they were holding themself back, ignoring the wide-out problem. The Ravens added Tylan Wallace, Sammy Watkins & Rashod Bateman. That’s on top of having speedy Marquise Brown & top-five tight end Mark Andrews. So why, with all of that talent should they add Julio, you might ask.

Bateman and Wallace are unproven & Watkins only shows up in week one and then in the playoffs. Watkins disappears when it comes to the regular season, and that may simply be because he never had to try with his former team being the Chiefs. Julio would automatically be the best receiver Lamar has had in his career. Although Lamar’s contract is coming up, this is the last year on his rookie deal so load the team up while you can.


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